End of support Windows XP

Support for Windows XP will end on 8 April 2014 Originally launched in 2001, Windows XP is Microsoft’s most successful operating system. Once the company had revamped security and hardened the bug-ridden Internet Explorer (IE) web browser in 2004, XP evolved into

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Microsoft finally admits defeat, will bring Start menu back in future Windows 8 update

At its Build 2014 conference, Microsoft has revealed that a future update to Windows 8.1 will resurrect the Start menu. No, really, stop looking at your calendar — it isn’t April 1 any more. This is isn’t just some half-assed Start menu,

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USB will thankfully never be the same: Reversible Type-C cable and port revealed

Late last year, word broke that the tech industry’s most heinous crime — the standard USB plug that isn’t actually universal and can only fit into its port one way — would bebrought to justice. Now, thanks to a Foxconn

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Email Just Got A Whole Lot Better

Did you know an average person spends nearly 30% of their time reading and responding to email?  There’s no way around it, I’m a heavy email user and I wouldn’t be half surprised if I spend nearly 45% of my

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Make the world your office

It could be as simple as negotiating an elaborate deal with a businessman — even when you are sitting in an office on the other side of the world. Or it could be as complex as a hospital’s chief cardiologist

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7 Business Apps Every Professional Should Download

Smartphones have given today’s mobile workers the ability to not have to worry about having everything they need before they get moving. Which is great, until they end up in a conference, airplane, or other no-reception zone without the crucial

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Facebook on Connecting the World from the Sky

Facebook has announced more details on how its Connectivity Lab is working to connect the world from the sky with drones, satellites and lasers. In a recent document released, Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, said: “With the efficiency and endurance of

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