Email Just Got A Whole Lot Better


Did you know an average person spends nearly 30% of their time reading and responding to email? 

There’s no way around it, I’m a heavy email user and I wouldn’t be half surprised if I spend nearly 45% of my time processing email. I’ve accepted that email is a huge part of my life and a vital form of communication.

What I cannot accept is the insane amount of unimportant, useless email I receive. Get a spam filter you say? It’s not spam, it’s email I’d like to see eventually, but it shouldn’t be interrupting my day and distracting me.

On a quest to find a solution, I quickly accumulated a notepad full of failed attempts, including Gmail Tabs.

I knew I would need a solution that did several things:

  1. Prioritize my email based on importance
  2. Work seamlessly with my existing workflow
  3. Weed out unimportant email without removing it entirely
  4. Was compatible with my phone and tablet
  5. *Bonus* Automated my messy filter configuration

As I reached my breaking point (bloodshot eyes, overgrown facial hair, nervous twitch, etc) a friend pointed me in the direction of a service called, SaneBox. It is without a doubt the best thing to happen to email, well, since email was invented.

SaneBox is smart email management tool that analyzes your email relationships and decides what’s important based on your past behavior. It then automatically filters out unimportant email into a separate folder (check) and summarizes it in a daily digest so you don’t miss anything (check). This means your inbox is filled exclusively with important/high-priority email. It literally saves me at least 2 hours every day (check).


As if you’re not salivating already, SaneBox also has a full suite of time saving features such as: SaneBlackhole – enables you to unsubscribe from annoying emails with 1-click, Snooze folders – allows you to snooze untimely emails until later, Automatic follow-up reminders – receive notifications when an important contact didn’t respond to  your email. SaneBox also works on any email service, client or device just by adding a folder (check & check).

If you’re sick of an overloaded inbox, give SaneBox a try. 

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